Effective Date: 10/1/2021
Shipper NameShipper IDShipper Affiliation IndicatorRate ScheduleContract NumberContract Effective DateContract Primary Term Expiration DateDays Until Next Possible Contract ExpirationNegotiated Rates IndicatorFor Transportation, Max Daily Quantity
For Storage, Max Daily Quantity
Footnote ID
COLUMBIA GAS OF PENNSYLVANIA8781668NFT-1910951-R22/1/201710/31/20220N14835063/64

Agent or Asset Manager NameAgent or Asset Manager Affiliation IdentifierFootnote ID

Point Identifier CodePoint NamePoint Identification Code QualifierPoint Identification CodeZone NameFor Transportation Maximum Daily QuantityFor Storage, Maximum Daily QuantityFootnote ID
MQCOLUMBIA GAS - DELMONT (BIDIR 7365595750552148350

Footnote NumberFootnote Text
63Original contract effective date: 11/01/2012
64No primary receipt points are designated; secondary points are available in the following zones: STX, WLA, ELA, M1, M2