Effective Date: 10/1/2021
Shipper NameShipper IDShipper Affiliation IndicatorRate ScheduleContract NumberContract Effective DateContract Primary Term Expiration DateDays Until Next Possible Contract ExpirationNegotiated Rates IndicatorFor Transportation, Max Daily Quantity
For Storage, Max Daily Quantity
Footnote ID
NSTAR GAS COMPANY DBA EVERSOURCE ENERGY75345678NFSS-1400506-R19/1/19944/30/2012365N080520

Agent or Asset Manager NameAgent or Asset Manager Affiliation IdentifierFootnote ID

Point Identifier CodePoint NamePoint Identification Code QualifierPoint Identification CodeZone NameFor Transportation Maximum Daily QuantityFor Storage, Maximum Daily QuantityFootnote ID
M2ZONE M3 STORAGE POINT95795133041420
MQZONE M3 STORAGE POINT957951330134219

Footnote NumberFootnote Text
19Accounting point for the Firm delivery of gas under this Storage rate schedule.
20Accounting point for the Firm receipt of gas under this Storage rate schedule.