Steckman Ridge

Given its strategic location between new natural gas supplies from the Marcellus and Utica shale plays, Mid-continent, and Rocky Mountain areas, and its close proximity to existing interstate pipelines serving the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, Steckman Ridge is an integral part of the Northeast energy market. This depleted reservoir storage serves key customers in this area, including local distribution companies, power generators, marketers, and producers. Through Steckman's interconnects with Texas Eastern Transmission and Dominion, these markets will have the ability to manage their price volatility, supply security, diversity, and reliability during peak winter and summer months. Steckman Ridge can provide a variety of flexible market-based, storage services that can be customized to meet each shipper's specific requirements.

Service Offerings

For assistance with operational problems or in an emergency, please call: Steckman Ridge: 800-231-7794.