Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline

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The Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (M&NP) is a bi-directional line that brings onshore and LNG-sourced natural gas from Atlantic Canada to North American markets. In addition, M&NP brings Western Canadian and Marcellus natural gas supplies into northern New England and Atlantic Canadian markets through its interconnects with the Portland Natural Gas Transmission System and the Algonquin Gas Transmission System.

Maritimes extends from Nova Scotia into New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts where it connects with Algonquin Gas Transmission's HubLine near Beverly, Massachusetts. There it provides a seamless link for Enbridge Inc. systems from Nova Scotia to south Texas and the Gulf Coast. The Maritimes pipeline also connects to the North American pipeline grid at Dracut, Massachusetts through its interconnect with the Tennessee Gas Pipeline System.

Maritimes delivers critical supplies of natural gas to all of the markets throughout Atlantic Canada and the northeast U.S. through a reliable and economical transportation system.

For assistance with operational problems or in an emergency, please call: Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline: 888-576-4634